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Alberto Matesanz Díaz

Composer | Producer | Mix Engineer | Guitarist

Stuart Brennan | Director, BAFTA Winning Actor

"Alberto is an incredible talent, his mastery of working with themes, his creative approach to storytelling through music and practical understanding of mixing, sound design and mastering, makes him an exceptional composer. He creates worlds that need to be listened to again and again."


Spanish film composer and mix engineer Alberto Matesanz embarked on his musical journey with classical guitar before venturing into the realms of music production. His passion led him to pursue formal education at the University of Surrey. During his time there, Alberto's fascination with film music blossomed. Immersed in the world of cinematic soundscapes, he began collaborating with film students and engaging in film scoring competitions. Notably, his work has earned him multiple nominations and wins in festivals and scoring competitions.


Alberto's artistic prowess caught the attention of BAFTA-winning actor and director Stuart Brennan. Their collaboration resulted in the scoring of fantasy features such as "Warchief”, "Assassin's Guild” and "Warlord”, featuring acclaimed actors Billy Boyd, Jennifer English, and Ryan Gage. Additionally, Alberto lent his expertise to the sound design and mix of these films, showcasing his versatility in both composition and technical aspects. His diverse portfolio extends to the thriller genre with the scoring of "The Stoic”, directed by Jon Eckersley and starring Jason Flemyng. Collaborations with Jessie Barnett and Maria Pawlikowska further highlight Alberto's proficiency in composing for comedy and musical short films, including "Bye Bye Baby," which graced numerous BAFTA and Oscar-qualifying festivals. Beyond his work in the film industry, Alberto has collaborated with Doddi El Gabry, the CEO of Cinebur, contributing to the sound identity of the company. 


As a Music and Sound Design Assistant at Soundtrack Creation, led by mix engineer and composer Sefi Carmel ("Deep Fear”, "Legacy of Lies”, David Bowie, Bruno Mars), Alberto continues to refine his craft and contribute to the creation of compelling soundscapes. 


Currently based in London, Alberto Matesanz seamlessly navigates the worlds of film composition, sound design, and music mixing for artists. Whether crafting captivating scores for cinematic experiences or processing instrumentals for musicians, Alberto's dedication to his craft is evident in every note and sound he produces.

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